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Filthy Rich Analytics was founded with the aim of providing a safe environment for cryptocurrency traders, with it’s main focus on Futures trading.
With high-quality content, advanced education, a thriving community, the best signals available and a team of well trained, experienced traders, Filthy Rich Analytics provides the best services imaginable.

Filthy Rich is committed to provide the best content available.
By continuously measuring, communicating, adapting and expanding our offer, We maintain our high quality standards.
For Filthy Rich, this is just the beginning.

High Quality

We continuously measure and monitor to maintain our high quality standards.

High Win Rates

With win rates over 80%
Filthy Rich offers the most profitbale content.

Team Of Specialists

Our team is highly skilled, Motivated and committed to success.

Affordable Prices

Our pricing is extremely competitive, We offer excellent value for money.

Hope is not a strategy.

Filthy Rich Analytics
Our Services

Our services are under constant scrutiny in order to offer the best possible trading experience.


Premium Signals

A steady flow of round the clock trading intelligence generated by humans, not scripts. Analysts are available for questions.

1-on-1 education sessions

Our 1-on-1 sessions are aimed at pinpointing the problem with your trading and fix them so you too will be profitable.


More features

We always have exciting new features on the way. We never stop developing and evolving!

Filthy Rich Indicator Pack

The Filthy Rich Indicator PackF-e contains several indicators that support the A and B indicator and can help improve your trading. Easily spot opportunities and make the most of them!

Filthy Rich

Book a 1-on-1 training session for market insights, help with developing your trading strategy or simply ask questions.

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