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filthy rich analytics

At Filthy Rich Analytics, we offer products and services that revolve around trading cryptocurrency futures contracts. Futures trading is fast and unforgiving; strict discipline and risk management are required for your trading success. There aren’t many resources available to the average trader and those that do exist are of poor quality and typically overpriced.

We provide the best quality you’ll ever find and do it at a very affordable price. Delivered through our highly active community and our team of specialists, the tools that make your trading experience a high quality one are available in various shapes and sizes. Our core principle is that of mutual benefit. Whenever we launch a product or service, it has to be mutually beneficial. Whichever product or service you choose, you can rest assured that it’s set up in a way that everyone wins.

our mission

Filthy Rich Analytics was born from frustration with existing groups. When you trade, you want to do so under optimal conditions and leverage the power of community. This helps you to hold strong in the face of the inevitable psychological challenges that are part of the trading experience. For this, you need a group that understands your needs, supports you and provides a safe place at an affordable price.

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OUR analysts
Kenny D
WHY you should trade with us

Excellent quality

All of our services, products and analysts undergo rigorous testing to meet our strict quality requirements.

Commitment to success

Staff and leaders are available for questions and take part in the community, like a family.

Reliable and Trustworthy

We keep our promises and respect your time and effort, like we should. Read our reviews and feel free to ask around.

Safe Environment

We make continuous efforts to keep our community spam-free. As part of those efforts, we have around the clock moderation and an entire section dedicated to operational security.

Quick Support

Support is typically available in a matter of seconds, depending on the time of day. We do our utmost to answer questions quickly and to your satisfaction.

Free stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff? We give rewards for reporting malicious users and rewards for sharing your trading results with the community. If you do get spammed inadvertently, that’s a good thing because reporting spam gives you free premium access.

Our YouTube channel is loaded with free educational information about trading futures. We post new videos regularly, so check it out!


Filthy Rich Futures is a feature packed and educational server that helped me through the crypto space. This server has something for everyone, whether you’re just getting started with your portfolio or have been doing it for years. The community does an excellent job of assisting one another by responding to inquiries and providing analysis. Seriously, if you need help with anything in Crypto, these guys will walk you through it and provide you with new tools and indicators. Excellent free signals, and I intend to subscribe to their premium services shortly. A wonderful and welcoming community. I always enjoy their insightful talks, and I strongly encourage you to join!


The community is really great here. The admins care about their members, always looking out for them by teaching how to avoid scams but giving genuinely good advice for free without having to pay for premium. You get access to some signals for free and the last I checked it was up 4750% for the month.

Their ticket system is active and you will always get a response there (I think I got 7 responses in under a minute from different admins looking to help).

Join to further your crypto knowledge and meet some cool peeps.


I joined the server about a month ago, I only had a few days of premium using the free trials, and so far they have been amazing. With a large array of analysts from different regions, you will always receive quality signal no matter where you live, and I have never seen any other server like that. The server not only has great signals but it also has an amazing community that will make you feel at home in the world of crypto trading.


Best server for crypto by far, spent some time researching and looking for a decent place to learn about futures , then my nephew told me about filthy futures. I joined and followed the free analyst for a few weeks, watched all the YouTube videos which are so informative. And now I will buy the premium membership and can’t wait to get stuck in.


I have only been in this server for a couple weeks now and I went from knowing nothing about crypto to being able to do my own futures and TA. The server is packed full of very helpful people that helped me with every question I had, and provided links to videos and other content that helped me learn. If you want to make some money this server is perfect for you.


Filthy Rich Futures has pretty much everything you need, they have amazing analysts with extremly high winrate, the staff are very friendly and helpful. They also do weekly zooms to teach you about trading, this week I learnt about patterns and more.
The server has many channels including chats about crypto, a chat for people who are new to crypto, how to trade, how to keep your crypto safe and many more.
I rate this server 10/10, its very active and mods are always keeping the chat clean.