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    Depending on the currency, the network may take some time to confirm your payment, in most cases the time for the confirmation takes between 5 and 30 minutes. When payment is complete, your subscription will be activated automatically and deactivated upon expiry.

    If your order doesn’t complete within an hour, something might have gone wrong. In this case, contact us by creating a ticket in the #get-support Discord channel and we’ll help you fix the problem.

    The Filthy Rich Indicator Pack¬© is a set of indicators in TradingView. Due to source code protection, the indicator pack will be “granted” to you by a third party, typically within 24 hours but usually quicker.

    When you purchase the indicator pack, you will be asked to enter your TradingView username at checkout, if you provided an incorrect username or changed your username since you purchased, contact us from the #Get-Support Discord channel and we’ll correct the problem.

    When the indicator pack has been activated, you can find the indicators in the ”Invite Only Scripts” section when clicking on ”indicators” in your TradingView chart interface.