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For any questions or issues, please use the form below

    Depending on the selected payment currency, the network may take some time to confirm your payment, in most cases the time for the confirmation takes around 15/30 minutes.
    When your payment has been completed you will receive an e-mail which says ”Payment funds received”
    When your payment has been confirmed, your purchased subscription will be activated automatically for the selected period.

    If your access to the selected product has not been granted in 60 minutes, please send us a support ticket with the ”contact us” using the form above or open a payment ticket in #Get Support channel in our Discord server

    The Filthy Rich Indicator Pack© will be activated by a third party.
    We guarantee that the indicator will be available in 24 hours.
    When purchasing the indicator, in the payment step you will be asked to enter your Tradingview user ID, if the user ID has not been filled in correctly, please contact us trough our support form above, or contact us in our #Get Support channel in our Discord server.
    When the indicator pack has been activated, you can find the indicators in the ”Invite Only Scripts” section when clicking on ”indicators” in your Tradingview chart interface.

    To verify your Discord account after buying the Filthy Rich Copytrading© you will see the verification interface from Discord.
    To verify for the Filthy Rich Copytrading© platform, you will need an verified Discord account.
    To verify your Discord account, please go to your Discord settings, click ”My Account” and follow the authentication steps underneath ”Password an Authentication.
    When your Discord account has been verified, you can retry the verification step with the Filthy Rich Copytrading© Discord verification interface.
    If all steps have been completed correctly, you will see the Copytrading dashboard after accepting the verification.
    If you still get the ”Error 500” page, please contact us by filling in our ”Contact Us” form above, or open a ”copytrading issue” ticket in our ”#get support” channel in our Discord server

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