Free Services
Free Signals
At Filthy Rich Futures, we understand that you’ll want to try a bit of candy before you purchase the bag. For this reason, we rotate our analysts from our premium to our free section so you can explore our analysts trades regularly. This is of course free of charge.

Free signals are just as good as premium signals. There is a high win rate and as much information as the analyst is able to share with their signal. This may or may not be comprehensive, futures trading is fast and high leverage inherently leads to a smaller margin for error and less time to decide. It takes a little while to get the hang of it, too.

Our free signals are an excellent place to start your futures trading journey. Using small amounts and low leverage early on helps you learn to manage your risk. You can increase your position size as you go. We help you to minimize losses and maximize gains.

Free Live Streams
Whether it’s a live chart with long and short flags plotted at the right time or a live market analysis by one of our experienced market analysts, our video content helps you understand the markets you’re looking to trade. Live sessions come with an opportunity to ask questions and interact with the analyst at no cost at all. It’s a practical, premium quality service that’s freely available to anyone.

Live charts are available to help you spot trend reversals on multiple time frames for BTC and ETH charts. This livestream is available 24/7 and is based on Heikin Ashi candles. You can derive your own signals from it by using a regular candlestick chart to determine your entry, stop-loss and potential profit targets.

Livestreams are delivered by multiple analysts where they analyze the markets in real time, often resulting in profitable trading opportunities. You’ll not only know which trades to take, but also why you take those trades.

Strong Community
In our Discord, you will find a group of highly motivated traders with a lot of experience. People who know what they’re doing. And they are available, you’re not watching them through a pane of glass, they’re not vague and non-specific in their actions, they’re not trying to sell you anything. It’s a clear, consise and effective experience that will help most people become efficient traders in a short period of time.

At Filthy Rich Futures, we believe that serving the collective interest is the key to success. We reward everyone who positively contributes to our community in a meaningful way.

An example of this a section where you can share your trading ideas with your fellow members, comment on those ideas and learn from each other. We have some pretty good traders in our community, this is free information for you and free content for us.

Support tickets are handled blazingly fast. We have staff members available around the clock so there’s always someone available to help you with any questions you might have.

All of our members are encouraged to take part in the conversation. No subject is dull, no question is stupid. The quality you get from us depends on the quality you give back to the community. We are all Filthy Rich Futures. Don’t worry if you don’t have much to share, we’ll make a trader out of you yet.

Our community is heavily moderated. Not for opinions or censorship, everyone is free to say what they like as long as it doesn’t hurt others. However, we do our utmust to keep spammers and bad actors away and have a strong focus on operational security, risk management and a safe overall trading experience.

When you’re in our channels, chatting away, it’s possible that someone posts a link that leads to an unsafe page. It’s not possible to filter this out easily. When you spot something like this, simply type !negan and a moderator will assist. Spam typically lives no more than a few seconds, spammers are banned instantaneously. It’s instant karma for those with bad intent and clean, informative experience for honest traders.

We also have a spam bounty system. When you report a direct-message (DM) spammer/scammer, we give you instant free premium access for a short but random period of time. In a way, that’s free money. At the same time, you help us keep our community clean and spam-free. Everyone wins.

We take security very seriously. Your security is required for the collective success. Thus, we’ve dedicated a section to security where we list good security practices and provide in-depth information on the latest scams we’ve encountered in our server. We do our utmost to prevent bad things from happening so everyone can have a clean and safe trading experience.