Analyst Trading Performance for July 2023
Analyst Trading Performance for July 2023

Analyst Performance Report for July 2023

Summer Edition: Keeping it Hot in a Cool Market

Greetings, fellow traders and crypto enthusiasts! As the summer heat sweeps through the financial markets, we are excited to present the much-anticipated Analyst Performance Report for July 2023 at the Filthy Rich Futures community. It’s been an eventful month, with some analysts shining brightly and others departing on their own paths. So, let’s dive in and see how our analysts have performed in these cool market conditions.

1. Sharpshear & Sherlock: A Dynamic Duo (Tied at 1st Place)

At the top of our leaderboard, we have two stellar performers—Sharpshear and Sherlock. Both analysts have achieved an impressive win rate, with Sharpshear securing 91.67% and Sherlock closely trailing with 90.48%. Their consistent and accurate signals have earned them a Filthy Rich Score of 9.25, placing them in the shared 1st position. Kudos to these two brilliant minds!

2. Yoyokenwan: Not Far Behind

Yoyokenwan has shown their expertise with a remarkable 90% win rate, placing them at 2nd position. Their Filthy Rich Score stands at an impressive 8.00, demonstrating their strong skills as an analyst.

3. Hasan & AR Trading: Striving for Success

In the 3rd and 4th positions, we have Hasan and AR Trading, with Filthy Rich Scores of 7.87 and 7.75, respectively. Hasan’s 75% win rate and AR Trading’s 83.33% win rate demonstrate their dedication to excellence.

Tied at 5th Place: Raulix & Kenny

Sharing the 5th position are Raulix and Kenny, both displaying exceptional trading prowess. Raulix maintains a perfect 100% win rate over 8 trades, while Kenny holds strong with a 70.83% win rate. Both analysts have earned a Filthy Rich Score of 7.50.

Tied at 6th Place: Miguel & Conduit

In the 6th position, we have Miguel and Conduit, showcasing their trading abilities with Filthy Rich Scores of 7.12. Miguel achieved a win rate of 66.67%, while Conduit demonstrated a 53.82% win rate.

7th Place: Zuxh

Last but not least in this overview, Zuxh secures the 7th position with a perfect win rate across 4 trades, earning them a Filthy Rich Score of 7.00.

Changes in Our Analyst Population

As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence, we make necessary changes to our analyst population. We bid farewell to Billu, Reynard and Daniel Day Trades, who have been valuable members of our community but for various reasons have parted company. Additionally, we have three inactive analysts—Paul, Xited, and Cryogenic. We wish them all the best with their ongoing life situations and look forward to welcoming them back when the time comes.

Weathering the Summer Slump

Despite the slow markets during the summer, our analysts have managed to excel, showcasing their skills and adaptability. We remain dedicated to providing a safe and profitable trading experience for our community, regardless of market conditions.

The PDF is Available for Download

For those eager to dive deeper into the details, the comprehensive PDF of the Analyst Performance Report for July is available for download. Feel free to explore the individual trade insights and performance metrics of each analyst, simply by clicking the download button below this article.


As the summer continues, Filthy Rich Futures remains steadfast in our pursuit of excellence in futures trading. We extend our appreciation to our talented analysts and loyal community members for their unwavering support. We also wish to thank our partner exchange for their commitment to providing a solid platform to trade profitably. Together, we navigate the markets and continue to grow.

We hope this Analyst Report for July 2023 helps you to make the right decisions. Until next time, trade wisely and stay Filthy Rich!

Disclaimer: The information presented in this report is for informational purposes only and not to be considered as financial advice. Trading involves risks, and past performance does not guarantee future results. Please conduct your research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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