Analyst Trading Performance for June 2023
Analyst Trading Performance for June 2023

Analyst Report for June 2023: Sherlock Owns It!


We apologize for the delay in presenting our Analyst Report for June 2023. Due to unforeseen obligations, we encountered a slight delay in sharing this update. We appreciate your patience, and without further delay, let’s dive into the highlights of the exceptional performances by our analysts.

Top Performers

  1. Sherlock: We are thrilled to announce that Sherlock has secured the first position this month, achieving a remarkable Filthy Rich Score of 9.12. This is the first time Sherlock has reached the coveted first place. With an impressive track record of 26 winning trades out of 30, Sherlock has showcased his analytical expertise and delivered valuable insights to all of you.
  2. Sharpshear: Continuing their trend of excellent performance, Sharpshear has once again demonstrated his skills and expertise by securing the second position. With a noteworthy Filthy Rich Score of 8.75, Sharpshear executed successful trades in 31 out of 34 opportunities. The consistency of his performance has established him as a trusted analyst within our community.
  3. AR Trading: known for his unwavering consistency, AR has claimed the third spot in this month’s performance ranking. With a Filthy Rich Score of 8.25, AR Trading achieved 11 winning trades out of 12 opportunities. We are proud to offer the insights of AR Trading, as his consistent performance provides valuable guidance to our members (you).

Overall Performance and Second Chances

While our top-performing analysts have undoubtedly showcased their expertise, it is important to acknowledge the collective efforts of all our analysts. Despite a few analysts not meeting our expectations this month, we firmly believe in fostering an environment that promotes growth and improvement, even if the Analyst Report for June 2023 shows room for improvement.

Therefore, we are providing a second chance to those analysts who fell short in June. By offering continued support and guidance, we aim to help them refine their strategies and improve their performance in the coming months. We appreciate their commitment to self-improvement and their dedication to the group.

We are pleased to share that no analysts have left us this month. Their loyalty and determination to contribute to our collective success are truly commendable.


Although the Analyst Report for June 2023 is arriving later than anticipated, we extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your understanding. The outstanding performances of Sherlock, Sharpshear, and AR Trading have been instrumental in guiding our members throughout the month.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of all our analysts, as their contributions have played a vital role in our collective success. Moving forward, we remain committed to providing a platform for growth and improvement, ensuring that our analysts continue to deliver valuable insights and guidance to our members.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing future reports that provide further insights and we do intend to provide them timely.

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