Analyst Trading Performance for May 2023
Analyst Trading Performance for May 2023

Monthy Recap for May 2023: Absolutely Nailed It!


Welcome to the monthly analyst performance report for May 2023. This report highlights the top-performing analysts for the month based on their trading activity, win rates, and overall scores. It provides valuable insights into the changing landscape of our analysts’ performance and showcases the notable achievements of individuals who have consistently demonstrated exceptional expertise. In this report, we also bring your attention to some important updates regarding changes within our analyst team. For a comprehensive overview of the month’s performance, please download the attached PDF file.

Analyst Performance Overview

The month of May brought some unexpected shifts in the rankings, with a few notable changes in our top performers. Let’s delve into the details.

  1. Sherlock – With an outstanding score of 9.25, Sherlock secures the first-place position this month. Having executed 40 trades, Sherlock demonstrated remarkable accuracy with a win rate of 92.5%. This achievement reflects their exceptional analytical skills and ability to generate successful trading strategies.
  2. Reynard – Claiming the second-place position, Reynard engaged in 85 trades throughout May. With a win rate of 62.35%, Reynard showcased consistent performance and achieved a score of 8.5. Their dedication and extensive trading activity deserve recognition.
  3. Sharpshear – Despite previously holding the top spot, Sharpshear now stands in third place. With a score of 8.0, Sharpshear executed 37 trades and maintained an impressive win rate of 94.59%. While their ranking may have changed, their exceptional performance remains noteworthy.
  4. Raulix – Raulix joins the list of top performers with a score of 7.75. Although they engaged in only 5 trades, their flawless win rate of 100% showcases their ability to make accurate predictions and achieve consistent success.
  5. XT – XT secures the fifth-place position by virtue of their greater number of trades compared to Zuxh. XT executed 12 trades with a win rate of 75%, earning them a score of 7.62. This achievement demonstrates their consistent performance and commitment to generating profitable insights.

Changes Within the Analyst Team

In May, we bid farewell to one of our esteemed analysts, Jack, who has decided to pursue different ventures in life. We extend our best wishes to Jack and express our gratitude for their valuable contributions to our team.


May 2023 presented us with a reshuffled leaderboard, showcasing the exceptional skills and expertise of our top analysts. Sherlock emerges as the frontrunner this month, displaying remarkable performance in generating successful trading strategies. We applaud all the analysts for their dedication and contribution to the field.

For a comprehensive overview of the performance of our analysts and additional insights, we encourage you to download the attached PDF file. Stay tuned for next month’s analyst performance report, where we will continue to provide you with valuable updates and analysis.

Download the PDF file: Monthly Analyst Performance Report – May 2023


The information provided in this report is based on the data available up until May 2023. The performance of analysts may vary, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Trading involves risks, and it is important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.