Analyst Trading Performance for August 2023
Analyst Trading Performance for August 2023

Analyst Performance Report for August 2023


Analyst insights is one of the things we’re committed to at Filthy Rich Futures. After all, promising and delivering good trading results is worth practically nothing if we can’t back it up with actual data. Let’s dive into Analyst Report for August 2023 and learn how we performed relative to our performance in July.

July Analyst Insights

In July, our analysts demonstrated impressive skills and commitment to delivering excellent results. Here’s a snapshot of the top performers:

  • Sharpshear and Sherlock shared the top spot, each with a Filthy Rich Score of 9.25, showcasing their exceptional trading acumen. Their high winning percentages of 91.67% and 90.48% reflected their ability to make accurate predictions.
  • Yoyokenwan secured the second position with a Filthy Rich Score of 8.00, boasting a 90% success rate in their trades.
  • Hasan, AR Trading, Raulix, and Kenny also delivered noteworthy performances, ranking among the top analysts for July.

August Analyst Insights

In August, our analysts continued to navigate the ever-changing crypto landscape. Here’s a glimpse of the top performers for the month:

  • Sherlock maintained their exceptional performance, securing the first position once again with a Filthy Rich Score of 8.87. While their winning percentage dipped slightly to 86.67%, they remained at the forefront.
  • Kenny and Raulix tied for the second spot with a Filthy Rich Score of 8.00, both boasting perfect 100% success rates in their trades.
  • Hasan, despite a slight drop in performance, still claimed the third place with a Filthy Rich Score of 7.37.

Comparison: July vs. August

When we compare the two months, it’s clear that our analysts continued to perform admirably in August. While some experienced a slight drop in their winning percentages due to the overall slump in the price action for BTC, they maintained competitive Filthy Rich Scores. This consistency is a testament to their expertise and dedication to delivering valuable insights.

Final Thoughts

We regret to inform you that RJ is no longer with us. Despite this, we want to assure our members that we are committed to maintaining our high standards of analyst performance. While there was a minor dip in performance from July to August, we are confident that our team will continue to thrive, providing you with the best possible analyst insights into the crypto market.

At Filthy Rich Futures, we are excited about the future and look forward to a successful September. Thank you for trusting us with your crypto trading journey.

Analyst report for August 2023

A comprehensive PDF of the Analyst Performance Report for July is available for download. Feel free to explore the analyst insights and performance metrics of each analyst, simply by clicking the download button below this article.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this report is for informational purposes only and not to be considered as financial advice. Trading involves risks, and past performance does not guarantee future results. Please conduct your research and due diligence before making any investment decisions.

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