Analyst Trading Performance for March 2023
Analyst Trading Performance for March 2023

Analyst Performance Report for March 2023

There’s something a little special about this monthly recap for march. We hired a number of new guys who haven’t completed a full month yet. For that reason, we can’t measure a full month of their work and so the results might not be what they should be.

The monthy recap for March 2023 is here.

Each month, we share a recap for the previous month to give you an idea of theoretical performance. This monthly summary report can also help you decide which of our analysts ideas to use for trading crypto futures. The trading ideas in this recap are available in Filthy Rich Premium.

How we log community trading ideas

Many groups claim to have high win rates but not many can actually back up their claims. At Filthy Rich Futures, we log all trading ideas and review their results. Whether these results are satisfactory or not, we share them openly so anyone can get an idea of potential performance. This monthly recap is a great way to gain insight in potential return on investment.

Our scoring system is simple and intended to give a high-level overview. The following metrics are being used:

Number of trades and Win Rate

  • Number of trades (and number of trades per day)
  • Number of wins vs. losses
  • Win rate

Profit and Loss (PnL)

  • Average PnL percentage
  • Highest win percentage
  • Worst loss percentage
  • Average PnL percentage ratio

We emphasize using good risk management. Part of that is smart use of leverage. When leverage is high, we say the analyst is difficult to follow (high risk). When leverage is low, we say the analyst is easy to follow (low risk). Easy and difficult are relative terms. There is no substitute for applying a risk management strategy.


None of this information is intended as absolute truth. Instead, it’s a high level indication of what is possible. There are many factors at play, like arbitrage, time delays (entering late), human error or the difference between isolated and cross margin mode.

In other words, this is not a promise of high returns. It’s a historic view at performance and it’s biased at best. Any measuring system’s output is relative, so please regard it as such. The use of this information is subject to our terms and conditions.

Monthly recap for March

Top 5 performers for March:

  1. SHARPSHEAR with 66 trades and a 90% win rate
  2. DANIEL with 44 trades and a 61% win rate
  3. KENNY with 26 trades and a 84% win rate
  4. HASAN with 22 trades and a 72% win rate
  5. AR TRADING with 15 trades and a 80% win rate


In all, we posted 339 trades with 247 wins and 76 losses, for a win rate of 72.86%. The best win was 1277%, the worst loss was 534%.

It’s dangerous to extrapolate and there’s much more to it of course, but… if you had taken all of the trades at 25x, according to our log you could have ended up with a result as posted in the screenshot. Again, take this with a grain of salt, it’s never that easy.

Download the full monthly recap for March below. We’re looking forward to welcome you at Filthy Rich Futures.

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Recap for March 2023
Recap for March 2023. All trading ideas combined in a single chart, assuming 25x leverage for all trades. Does not take into account stop-losses.

Read the monthly recap for March

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