our analysts
our analysts

Filthy Rich Futures has several analysts you can follow and our analyst population is continuously evolving. We don’t hire just anyone. We get to know and select our analysts before we work with them. We test and log their trades before they are hired and while they work with us. There are many criteria that we feel a good analyst should meet.

Some of our analysts are available for private training sessions. Book your session here.

High win rate

My name is Joram and I am one of the analysts here at Filthy Rich Futures. I focus on risk management before anything else.

  • I trade with 1-5% portfolio for each trade
  • Don’t use to much leverage ( I work with 20x or below)
  • I use cross leverage to avoid liquidation on 1 position (is risky if you have a lot of positions open)

More information about Eman is found here.


Hello! My name is eman. I focus on trading crypto futures with high leverage. Before you enter any of my plays, make sure you follow your own risk management strategies, I can never stress that enough. I’ve been trading a year now and have found my strengths in the crypto market. I average over 300% in gains in 2021 and had a 10k% month in September with over 440% average gain.

These gains come with their risk as well. I will be here with you all helping you become better traders as time goes on. I prioritize your education and portfolio growth, its more than just making money with my alerts.

I typically alert day trades and swings and I like to play momentum breakouts. Ill often give my thoughts on the market and let you guys know which coins I am buying in my spot portfolio! I send scales when I take money out of the trade, you can take money out whenever your comfortable doing so. I regularly update all of my trades and you can @ me if you have any questions!

FRF3d_Kenny D
Kenny D

Hey @everyone my name is KENNY . I’m mostly a SNIPER SCALPER with a few nice SWING TRADES up my sleeve. Highly recommend anyone playing my calls to only play 2-5% of your PORT so you DO NOT GET LIQUIDATED! I rely heavily on my TA which has at about 80% on all my calls.

Please play it safe and add those STOP LOSSES for those unexpected drops and remember to always take Profits. I’m here if anyone has an questions so please DM me if you see i don’t answer in chat. Lets get this moneyyyyyyy!


My name is David and I’am a professional crypto trader for couple years. Before crypto I was doing e-commerce and was pretty successful.Then I saw the whole crypto thing going, where my friends were making 40k$ a month being teenagers.So I got interested and put in a lot of hard work into learning!

In the beginning I put in 10k$ into futures and I blew it all up in a day or 2.So I recommend starting with small amounts to first learn, and then invest what you can afford to lose.

Of course never give up especially with crypto! Hope you like my alerts and follow them. Im always free for any dm’s.


Hey Everyone! My name is John, I for one am glad that the pandemic occured, I didn’t look at it as a bad thing how everyone else in the world did but as a way to be able to reconnect with myself and start learning new things that I didn’t think I would be able to. It broaden up my mind with a lot of new things, I was able to learn trading, create youtube content/video editing. Started to learn how to program and is successfully able to launch my own Dropshipping business that ended up being profitable! I’m also gonna get funded with a 5 figure port for Forex by Q2 2022 for successfully being able to complete 2 trading challenges! I will be posting my TA’s on my channel so you guys could also be able to see how I look at the market, I wouldn’t be 100% be giving out callouts since I wish to not spoon feed you guys, I would love to see you guys 70% successfully strive on your own while the 30% is where i’m gonna be giving you guys guidance, In conclusion, I am glad to be apart of this growing family ! If you guys have any questions shoot me a DM! It’s always open, Let’s print!


Hello Guys My name si pizza and i ma a analysts here, i focus on scalpo during a bear market and on swing during a bullismo market!

  • Dont use more than 3% of portfolio
  • Dont use Max leverage if you are new
  • Look al some of my plays before chosing to follow me