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Filthy Rich Indicator Pack

The Filthy Rich Indicator Pack is the ultimate set of trading indicators. It combines the trading and analytical experience of professionals, built by dedicated pine coders. World’s best strategies assembled in the single basket means makes this your one-stop-shop for indicators. Apart from its features, its competitive pricing really seals the deal.

Filthy Rich A
Filthy Rich A is an indicator with scores of EMA lines that are blue and white during the bull market and grey during the bear market. The indictor also contains numerous signals which can be used to predict the minor fluctuations in the market. The tool helps you understand the trading circumstances with ease.

Filthy Rich B
Filthy Rich B is a multi-source indicator which combines 6 best oscillators into one single indicator. The indicator is flooded with primary triggers such as Green/Red circles, Bullish/Bearish Divergences and a Filthy Whale signal accompanied by some the secondary triggers such as Money Flow oscillator, Relative Strength index and much more.

Filthy Rich Sniper
Filthy Rich Sniper is a standard combination of Bollinger Bands and Hull Moving Average. The good entry and exit signals with a long/short flag means, the tool is a perfect gift for those who are new to trading.

Filthy Rich Support/Resistance
Filthy Rich Support/Resistance indicator can be used to predict the Stop-loss and Take profit in a high intense trades. As the name suggests, the indicators represents the support and resistance levels of the market in respective timeframes.

Filthy Rich Trend Line
Filthy Rich Trend Line indicators are a completely a momentum indicator. It measures the rate of increase/decrease in the Share’s price and notify us whether the trend of the market is stepping up or stepping down.

Filthy Rich Easy entry/exit Indicators
Filthy Rich Easy Entry/Exit is gives you a visual confirmation on which direction, the market is going on bigger time frames and is designed for swing trading.

1 on 1 Education Session
Few things are as frustrating as scouring YouTube for practical information on how to trade. Spending what seems an endless time on noisy, sponsored, unenlightened videos, trying to pick up bits and pieces of technical analysis and trading strategy that seldom seem to fit together.
Filthy Rich Futures has got your back. You can schedule practical and consise classes with one or more of our analysts to directly ask your questions and get clear-cut answers. You’ll learn from one hour with one of our analysts than most people pick up in a lifetime and you get to practice what you’ve learned in the real world immediately. No more waiting, searching, losing and quitting. We’ll make a trader out of you yet. We recommend to enter your training session with a list of the questions you’d like to ask, so you can make the most of your time with our analysts. Filthy Rich training sessions can be booked as individual or group sessions and you can schedule them when they best fit your calendar (depending on availability). As with all Filthy Rich Futures products and services, they’re reasonably priced.
Premium Signals

Our premium signals are offered directly by experienced analysts. Instead of instructions, regard our signals as trading ideas, they are examples of trades we might take or trades that analysts take themselves. In most cases, they are highly profitable, but we offer them for recreational purposes only. Most of our premium members trade our signals and that’s perfectly fine while profit is made, although not mandatory or expected. Our signals are for recreational purposes, they’re not investment advice.

We offer the work of a number of analysts in our premium section. The number of analysts may vary over time but we aim to have at least 10 analysts in our premium section at any given time. In busy times, we may offer as many as 25 analysts.

We are often asked the “how many signals per day” question. That question is similar to the “when lambo” question and the answer is: “As much as we can find profitable trade setups” and “it depends on yourself”.

There is no guarantee of success. But with the knowledge we share, you’re much better off than you would be on your own or with some third grade signal group.

We don’t just hire any analyst. Before an analyst is granted the privilege of working with us, they have to pass a stringent set of checks. We test their calls for at least a week for a number of criteria of which profitability is just one. Other criteria are clarity, diligence, seriousness and even language. We highly endorse our analysts to take part in trading discussion in our premium section. This allows for our members to ask questions, get answers, learn and grow their portfolio.

We take very seriously the quality and quantity of signals. However, analysts are people too. They have real life issues and distractions. We see to it that their calls are at least profitable, regularity comes second place. When we decide that things don’t work out, we start a discussion. This discussion will be aimed at improvement but when improvement is not possible, we look for replacement.

We have created a community of analysts from all corners of the world. As a result, there is always something to trade, no matter your time zone.

We pay our analysts in time. This is a no-brainer but definitely not a given in this market. Many groups serve mostly themselves and make problems resulting from a complete lack of vision. Our analysts are paid timely and they are paid well.