2 Months Copy Trading Tier 1 ($2k margin)

2 Months Copy Trading Tier 1 ($2k margin)

$ 139,95

Our copy trading platform requires a discord account that is a member at Filthy Rich Futures for authentication and authorization. Once set up, you can automatically follow your favorite analysts’ trades. It’s basically a set-it-and-forget-it approach where you know you’re trading based on solid intel, without having to put in the work.

You can also combine copy trading with manual trading, but we highly recommend to use different accounts for copy trading and manual trading, so your positions do not get messed up.

You can renew your copy trading subscription at any time in the exact same way that you renew a premium subscription. Accounts with expired copy trading subscriptions can only close positions, not open new positions. Your exchange account API keys need permissions to trade only. Permissions to withdraw are not required and the use of this permissions is strongly discouraged.

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