Filthy Rich Indicator (Lifetime)




The Ultimate Filthy Rich Indicator Pack: Elevate Your Cryptocurrency Trading with Confidence

Unlock the full potential of your cryptocurrency trading with the comprehensive Filthy Rich Indicator Pack. Our suite of cutting-edge indicators is designed to supercharge your trading strategy and provide you with the competitive edge you need in the volatile cryptocurrency markets. In fact, Filthy Rich surpasses even the renowned Market Cipher indicators but it costs only a fraction of what you would pay for Market Cipher.

Use Filthy Rich A for Chart Mastery

Filthy Rich A paints moving averages and multiple indications directly onto your trading chart, revealing congruency and market direction while protecting you from fakeouts and potential drops.

Filthy Rich B opens up Precision Analysis

The B Indicator combines the power of RSI, MACD, Wave Trend, VWAP, and more to determine optimal entry and exit points, uncovering visible and hidden divergences with precision.

Filthy Rich S/R – Support and Resistance Made Easy

Our Support and Resistance Indicator paints critical support and resistance zones onto your charts, ensuring you never miss a crucial level and simplifying your trading process.

Filthy Rich Sniper – Pinpoint Accuracy

The Sniper Indicator signals trend changes on your selected timeframe when used with Heikin Ashi candles, providing precise entry and exit points alongside your regular candlestick chart.

Filthy Rich Trendline – Momentum Insights

Our Trend Line indicator measures the rate of price increase or decrease, helping you spot market trends. Trendlines visually represent support and resistance, enabling you to identify price direction and patterns.

Filthy Rich MACD – Entry and Exit Confirmations

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence Indicator offers entry and exit confirmations, with Bull and Bear flags indicating upward and downward trends. It includes features like yellow squares and blue bars to strengthen signals.

Filthy Rich ARMOR (Heikin Ashi) – Simple Buy/Sell Signals

Filthy Rich ARMOR employs 9 EMA lines and various moving averages, offering non-repainting signals for trend reversal identification in the market.

Experience the difference of the Filthy Rich Indicator Pack and gain the confidence to trade like a pro. With a complete suite of advanced tools surpassing Market Cipher, your journey to financial prosperity starts here. Trade smarter, trade confidently, and redefine your cryptocurrency trading success.