TradingView Auto and Log buttons Lost? Here’s how to fix it.

Where did my buttons go?

Some of the most frequenty-used features on TradingView charts are the Auto button that aligns the chart data with the available space on-screen quickly, and the Log button that puts your chart in logarithmic scale. These functions are essential for adjusting the scale and view of your charts, especially when dealing with price data that has significant variations or exponential growth. So you might ask yourself, why are my TradingView Auto and Log buttons Lost and where did they go? Here’s what you need to know to use these functions again.

  • The Auto button automatically adjusts the scale of your chart to fit the price data. It’s useful when you want to see price movements without any logarithmic scaling.
  • The Log button switches your chart to a logarithmic scale. This is particularly helpful when dealing with assets that have exponential growth, as it compresses large price movements for better visualization.

How can I get my chart buttons back?

So now that you found your TradingView Auto and Log buttons lost, the question is how to get them back? The short answer is, you don’t. These functions never went away and they are still easily accessible if you hover over the price scale with your mouse.

The TradingView Auto and Log buttons aren't really lost, they're hidden.

Recent Changes:

  • TradingView occasionally updates its interface and layout. The disappearance of these buttons is due to one such update. If you can’t find them where they used to be, it’s possible they’ve been relocated within the chart settings or toolbar.
  • Review TradingView’s official release notes or user forums for guidance on the latest changes.


In conclusion, the Auto and Log buttons are crucial tools for adjusting your TradingView charts. If they’ve disappeared from view due to updates, don’t worry; they’re still available in a different location. Aside from knowing where to click, it’s worth your time to look at TradingView’s keyboard shortcuts and become a charting God by significantly speeding up your workflow.